"Barefoot Running" Book Due Out This Spring

Advanced Copy Cover

Advanced Copy Cover

We’re excited to announce our upcoming barefoot running book! (See: http://www.BarefootRunningBook.com)

With the incredible success of Chris McDougall’s best-seller Born to Run and Vibram FiveFinger sales taking off, there appears to be an incredible well-spring of interest in barefoot running. However, until now, there hasn’t been a comprehensive book in print on the "how-to’s" of barefoot running. This book addresses topics such as getting into barefoot running safely, how to transition, proper form, the science behind barefoot running, what to watch for, how to condition the feet, strengthen and stretch the feet, how to prevent and heal from injuries, or even what minimalist footwear to wear, and when and why you’d want shoes.

Until now.

In between our barefoot running clinics, talks, and coaching, we’ve been working around the clock to put together the most comprehensive book on barefoot running and minimalist footwear to date. It’s title, put simply is "Barefoot Running: How to Become Healthy, Fit, and Blissful, by Getting in Touch with the Earth".  At over 250 pages in length, including extensive illustrations and "how-to" photographs, it takes an in depth look at just about everything you want to know about barefoot running and includes the latest findings from Dr. Daniel Lieberman's paper published in Nature Journal.

If you’re looking to get into barefoot running, overcome a nagging injury, learn to run pain free, or just get in the best running shape of your life, then this book’s for you.

It’ll be coming out this Spring and we've been taking pre-orders on a limited edition first copy at http://www.BarefootRunningBook.com.

The book’s been generating tremendous buzz and excitement, as we found it being talked about all over at the Outdoor Retailer’s Show in Salt Lake City this week, and with pre-orders and interviews coming in from Europe and elsewhere abroad it looks to be a winner.