What is Earthing?


Studies now show that just standing on the earth barefoot has amazing health benefits as we drain off free-radicals and the electric charge we carry with us. This phenomena is also known as "earthing".

Think of it this way. The earth is a giant car battery with a liquid metal core. It carries a strongly negative charge. And anything above the ground (such as in the air or insulated from the ground) carries a positive charge. This is why lightning strikes oocur, and why we need to “ground” or protect all of our electrical and electronic equipment, to keep them from sparking or short circuiting.

In essence, to ground something is to plug it back in to the earth, which is actually the third prong on our electrical outlets (called a ground).

Human beings, and all organisms for that matter, are electrical in nature as well. We get ekgs, mri’s, and all sorts of electrical tests to measure our health, hearts, and bodies; our nervous system works on electrical impulses, and even the heart beats with an electrical charge (which is why you may get a pacemaker if it starts getting out of tune).

We are electrical in nature, and like electrical equipment and electronics needs to be properly grounded to function well (if you’ve ever listened to an ungrounded radio you know what I mean, you’ll hear tons of static and background noise until it’s grounded), we need to be grounded for proper health and well-being and for proper functioning of our bodies.

At no point in our history have we been this disconnected or insulated from the earth. We wear insulated rubber-soled shoes rubber does not conduct electricity, but insulates or prevents its conduction or transmission),, drive insulated cars with rubber tires, and live in insulated homes; AND we even practice YOGA on insulated rubber mats.

This insulation allows us to build up a charge throughout the day, particularly as we’re swimming a sea of electrical transmisions and wires (in our phones, our appliances, our walls, beneath our feet (look at the electrical cords down by your computer) and all around us. So we’re insulated from the ground, AND surrounded by electricity.

What does this mean? Well, as you’ve seen in the winter-time (when you may inadvertently, or DELIBERATELY zap the person standing next to you) we carry a HUGE charge on and in our bodies.

And that charge turns out to be quiet harmful to our bodies. It disrupts our nervous system, confuses our minds (like that noise on the ungrounded radio going on through our brains), creates inflammation throughout the body (free radicals are positively charged particles with no way to be drained) and raises our cortisol levels (those pesky fight-or-flight stress hormones that keep us on edge, can put us in a panic, and wreak havoc on entire system, and in particular our blood-pressure, when they’re constantly being produced and have no way to drain).

All of these things occur, or build up, because we’re ungrounded and have no way to drain them. However, once we go barefoot outside, such as when we’re barefoot running or barefoot walking, they instantly begin to drain as we plug back in to the earth. However, most of us can't spend 24/7 in direct contact to the Earth. We're sitting at our computers at work for 9 or more hours per day, then we're commuting in our insulated cars, and next thing you know you're busy at home taking care of the family. Fortunately, there are Earthing products that help ground us even when we're indoors. Direct contact to the Earth is always preferred, but if you can't make it happen all the time, these products are the next best thing.  You can find out more about Earthing products by clicking here

We’ve all felt that amazing “ahhhhhhhh” sensation of stress and pressure draining away at the end of the day when we slip off our shoes and go barefoot through the grass or on the beach.

That sensation isn’t just in our heads, it’s real. When we connect with the earth barefoot, we’re LITERALLY draining that tension away, because we’re draining off that positive electrical build-up we’ve generated in our bodies.

Studies show this helps with reducing blood pressure, inflammation, helping regulate our sleep and other body functions, levelize blood-sugar levels, and preliminary studies show even helps with many auto-immune system diseases.

These are HUGE health benefits, and all available to us if we simply slip off our shoes and feel the earth beneath our feet.