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Michael Sandler shares: "On May 19th of this year, I was injured in an accident that nearly took my life. I slipped in leather moccasins in a mountain creek, falling and landing hard on a pyramid shaped rock. My femur exploded on impact, with bones cutting through muscles, veins, ligaments and tendons. Miraculously it missed my femoral artery, but stuck in a freezing cold creek, I couldn’t breath and began to blackout.

As everything faded out, I could have easily closed my eyes and died there on the trail. But I looked over at Jessica, saw the look of fear and terror on her face, felt her heartache and KNEW I couldn’t die.

And so I began FORCING myself to breathe. For two hours before being helicoptered out, I focused on my breath, bringing in sunlight, and breathing out love. These two things were the most powerful, soothing feelings and ideas I could think of, and they helped me get through.

Though it was an incredibly scary time for both of us, it was also magical and transformational. Sitting next to a spouse who might die was life changing for Jessica. And for myself, stuck in the creek and focusing on my breath, my intuition instantly expanded. I began to get downloads of information that came in instantaneous packets, or what felt like little sparkles or glitters of information. Now each time I sit at my desk to write, one of those sparkles opens up into an entirely new concept, idea, or teaching I'd never thought of before."