Top 10 Mindful Running Tips for Springtime

We've got a studio set up for filming right now, so we thought we'd share some quick tips to help you get healthy and keep you strong this spring.

It's so easy to overdo it in the springtime and get a nagging injury that sticks with you through the year; or to catch a cold or even the flu from overdoing it. So we came up with a list of top 10 mindful ways to get running with greater health this spring. We touch upon everything from transitioning, to terrain, form work, strength, nutrition, footwear (for those who aren't barefoot) and more.

It was fun making this video, because we want to help you have your best running season ever. So watch alone, watch with a friend, or simply listen in the background as you go about your day at work. Either way, enjoy the tips, be mindful and have fun!


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